Oracle Security Services assures complete peace of mind with our extensive fire safety services. We supply fully trained and vetted fire marshals to handle all fire-related risks at your property or event. Through adequate preparation for emergency situations, you can prevent personal injury and significantly reduce damage.

Our qualified fire marshals are available for hire on a long or short-term basis to guarantee the safety of your premises.Our team is trained to patrol worksites or office buildings and monitor high-risk areas for fire hazards. In the event of a fire, we respond promptly and ensure the safety of all individuals at the site. Our services are also available on a once-off basis for events or special occasions. We provide skilled personnel to manage and reduce fire risks at any gathering.

Qualified Fire Marshals
Our team of fire marshals all have extensive training and experience in fire suppression and management techniques. We work to strict firefighting protocol that ensures individuals are evacuated safely, and the fire is extinguished effectively. Our exceptional team combined with our in-depth knowledge of firefighting methods allows us to respond to all fire emergencies quickly and efficiently. Our marshals are also experts on all fire-related building regulations and safety procedures, and will strive to ensure your business remains compliant.