Our concierge services are specially tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you require an additional staff member to complete administrative tasks, manage security, or provide a friendly point of contact for your customers, our team has the skills and training to assist you. Our experienced and thoroughly qualified concierge staff are well versed in a range of assistance and site management tasks. Every member of our concierge team also has extensive training in customer service to ensure that they will represent your business as professionally as possible.

Our concierge staff are also fully trained and licensed Security Operatives, capable of covering all security-related duties. As a result, every staff member serves a dual purpose, acting both as front-of-house reception and security personnel. This is both cost-effective and ensures a safe environment for your customers.

Oracle Security’s concierge services are available on a full-time basis, or as once-off support alongside your current staff during holidays or special events. We pride ourselves on the professional conduct of our staff. Our team will always work to the highest standard, completing any task with speed and efficiency. With extensive experience in security, customer service, client management and administrative duties, our staff excels at filling a wide range of roles, representing your organisation to the highest standard. Our management team specially selects every staff-member to meet the requirements of the position. As licensed security operatives, every member of our staff is fully trained to respond to emergency situations with poise and vigilance.